Review: BenQ’s Screen Bar Halo


Earlier we wrote a review about the Screenbar Plus from BenQ . And now, roughly half a year later, we also want to inform you about a new ScreenBar that BenQ has released; the BenQ ScreenBar Halo. Remarkable, because we were actually quite pleased with the ScreenBar Plus. Can it be even better? We were very curious about this new monitor lamp. That’s why a new review of the BenQ ScreenBar Halo – read on

What was it again, such a monitor lamp/ScreenBar?

The ScreenBar is intended as ‘smart’ lighting for your workplace. Especially in the dark, it is important for office workers to have ‘good’ lighting. A good light supply helps against myopia and eye fatigue, especially if you spend hours in front of your computer or screen. Now you can simply buy a night lamp, but they are actually intended for reading books and literature. If you want a light source that is tailored for working behind a screen, the ScreenBar is better suited as a tool.

Unboxing the BenQ ScreenBar Halo

Take another look at the unboxing of the Plus, then you will see a really different product below. The Halo is a kind of superset of the Plus. The look and feel are much more subtle, much more elegant, and much more premium. Beautiful user experience – which makes unpacking an experience right away.

Unboxing BenQ ScreenBar Halo

It immediately becomes clear that it can indeed be even better than the plus. The ‘control panel’ is wireless. This is the biggest difference, and also super nice. Saves cable work again. And besides, you don’t have a rotary knob, like with the Plus, you can turn the entire unit, in combination with a touch panel. Looks very slim. And works flawlessly.

See also the vlog of the moss site below for more information about how it works.

Installing and Using the Halo

The installation of the Halo was actually the same as with the Plus. So we have nothing exciting to report there. It’s pretty straightforward, so you’ll be all set in a few minutes. The lamp is simply plugged into the monitor via USB for power. You will immediately notice major differences

when using the BenQ Halo ScreenBar. For example, the Halo model has Backlight. This is an extra lamp on the back of the device (and therefore also on the back of your screen), which balances the contrast between your screen and the ambient light. Smart feature! And you do notice that the light seems ‘better’ than with the Plus.

The second thing that immediately stands out is the controller. With the plus, this is wired to the lamp itself. With the Halo, however, the controller is wireless. So you can easily change the brightness, color temperature, and light zone from a distance if you want to. See below the difference between the controllers.

The above two features make the Halo a 2.0 of the Plus. Furthermore, the ScreenBar Halo is easy to use and very practical.

Specifications of the BenQ ScreenBar Halo

All specifications at a glance:
The light source of the Halo is based on double LED color; 
The color rendering index is Ra>95;
The light-tight is 800 lux in the middle (height 45 cm);
Color temperature varies between 2700~6500K;
‎ Power input is through a 5V/1A USB Port‎;
Material is aluminum alloy, PC/ABS
Sizes : the lamp itself is 50cm x 9.47cm x 9.71cm‎ and the controller: 7.4cmx7.4cmx3.84cm.

So, buy or not?

It’s a cool ScreenBar, that’s paramount. But whether you should buy it really depends on your budget. There is a price tag attached to the Halo model. It costs 169 euros. This is 40 euros more expensive than the Plus. And you have to make a price/quality choice, so it becomes difficult. If you have the budget, definitely go for Halo. But if your budget is a bit more limited, we would still recommend the Plus.


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