Coming week EU deal on unified charging port (USB-C) for smartphones, tablets, and headphones


EU countries and lawmakers will try to agree on a unified charging port (USB-C) for mobile phones, tablets, and headphones on June 7, when they meet to discuss a proposal that has otherwise been harshly criticized by Apple. This is reported by sources familiar with the case.

USB data charge

The proposal for a single and unified mobile charging port was put forward by the European Commission more than a decade ago after iPhone and Android users complained that they had to use different chargers for their phones.

The first (Apple products) is charged via a Lightning cable, while Android devices are powered via USB-C connectors.

The discussion for this deal – next Tuesday – will be the second and likely the last between EU countries and EU lawmakers on the subject, an indication of strong pressure to close a deal, the sources involved say.

Outstanding issues include extending the “scope of the proposal” to laptops, a key requirement from EU lawmakers that is likely to affect Samsung and Huawei, and other device makers, it has been reported.

EU lawmakers also want to include wireless charging systems in the deal that should be harmonized by 2025, while EU countries and the Commission want a longer lead-in period for technical reasons.

Apple was not immediately available for comment. It has previously been said that the inappropriate use of outdated international standards is stifling innovation and that forcing users to switch to new chargers could create a mountain of electronic waste.


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