Faithless singer Jazz dies


He was the voice behind the world hit “Insomnia”, one of the most formative dance titles in music history. “Faithless” singer Maxi Jazz died last night at his London home at the age of 65.

Maxi Jazz, the lead singer of British electro band Faithless and known for being the voice on trance hits like “God Is a DJ” and “Insomnia,” has died, the band announced on their official social media account on Christmas Eve. accounts with. The 65-year-old died peacefully at his home in south London last night. “He gave our music the right meaning and message.”

Jazz was born Maxwell Fraser in 1957 in Brixton, south London. He helped found Faithless in 1995 which went on to become one of the most popular dance bands in the UK and around the world. The band has produced seven studio albums and has headlined some of the world’s biggest festivals.

World famous song line

The 1995 song “Insomnia,” which includes the famous lyric “I can’t get no sleep,” was voted the fifth greatest dance recording of all time by Mixmag readers in 2013. The song’s techno sample is one of the most formative in music history.

The song, which topped the dance charts in many European countries, made Jazz joke in a 2020 interview: “If I had a pound for it every time someone came and said ‘I can’t sleep’, I would be on the space station live.”


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